• Ahimsa Yoga Whitby (map)
  • 100 Dundas St W (3rd FLoor)
  • Whitby, ON, L1N 2L9
  • Canada

Each workshop will include a 2 Hour themed Yin class, where we'll explore and focus on deepening our connection to the subtle body.

Your journey will be accompanied with handouts used to restore balance in the body, mind and spirit. During the course of one year - we will explore mindfulness, meditation, asana and the subtle body. This experiential journey will provide you with tools and for lasting transformation on and off the mat. 

All workshops will have an assistant yin teacher to provide one-on-one guidance, including hands on adjustments and energy work.

This is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding of the energetic body so that you are able to customize a balanced home practice.

Yin Yoga is a quiet and introspective practice where we are encouraged to find stillness in our body and mind. We then can begin to look inward and invite mindfulness into our everyday living.

Program Dates:

Friday January 8th7PM - 9PM : Root Chakra

Friday February 12th, 7PM- 9PM : Sacral Chakra

Friday March 4th, 7PM- 9PM : Solar Plexus Chakra

Friday Apr 15th, 7PM- 9PM : Heart Chakra

Friday May 6th, 7PM- 9PM : Throat Chakra

Friday June 10th, 7PM- 9PM : Third Eye Chakra

Friday July 8th, 7PM- 9PM : Crown Chakra

Friday August 12th, 7PM- 9PM : Lung + Large Intestine Meridian Pair

Friday September 9th, 7PM- 9PM : Spleen + Stomach Meridian Pair

Friday October 14th, 7PM- 9PM : Heart + Small Intestine Meridian Pair

Friday November 11th, 7PM - 9PM : Kidney + Bladder Meridian Pair

Friday December 9th, 7PM - 9PM : Liver + Gallbladder Meridian Pair

Cost of $550 +HST Includes all 12 workshops and course materials. Pre-Registration for full session required. No Drop Ins. Space is limited to 12.