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In your daily life, every intention, action, and decision is being driven by your desire to feel a certain way. So why not get clear on how you most want to feel and design your outer life to match your inner desires? That’s Desire Mapping.

The Desire Map, the best selling book by Danielle LaPorte, is a guidance system for creating goals with soul. At the heart of this system are your Core Desired Feelings — your most preferred states of being. They’re yours to define. Energized, Connected, Lit up, Abundant, Inspired… This kind of deep clarity changes everything. When you know how you want to feel, you’ll do much less proving and way more living. You’ll know when to say “Hell Yes!” and when to say “Thanks, BUT No Thanks”. You’ll make goals that feel good to go after. You’ll plan your life according to your Soul’s agenda.

In this Desire Map + Yoga workshop intensive, you’ll combine the body mindfulness of yoga with the soulful language of Desire Mapping. This class weaves yin and yang mat work, meditation, Desire Map work-booking and engaged discussions. You’ll leave knowing your Core Desired Feelings — and with ideas for using that clarity to design a life that feels the way you want it to.

Join Dani @ Wanderlust Hollywood for this spirited journey. Included with your ticket is a copy of The Desire Map Book, The Desire Map Workbook, and The Desire Map Experience (6CD set). Total Investment is $300USD