• Lotus Heart Retreat Centre (map)
  • 440 Old Wooler Rd
  • Codrington, ON, K0K 1R0
  • Canada

This unique weekend retreat combines, The Desire Map Process, Yin Yoga and Fluid Movement. Over the course of a full weekend, we will lead you into life design as we access inquiry, discovery, reflection and empowered action.

What you can expect:

1. We will create a sacred space with music, candles and movement to access your greatest desires.

2. We will explore what's working and what's not, in order to see where in your life you experience joy + freedom — and where you want more of it.

3. You will be guided through the 5 areas of life and explore your most desired feelings.

4. You will make some soul-rooted declarations and learn to take them from theory to practice.

5. You will leave this workshop knowing your “Core Desired Feelings”  – a guidance system for daily decision-making.

Cost starting at $450 + HST per person and includes 2 nights accommodation, all meals, daily yoga practice and over 12 hours of facilitation by 2 certified master life coaches.