a personal manifesto

energy follows through

 our reality is shaped by what we place our attention on. 

When we shift our attention to HOW we want to move through life rather than focusing on WHAT we want to achieve - we choose presence.

Mindset is king

often, instead of seeing things the way they are - we see things the way we are.

revolutions happen when we can see things from a different perspective.

MEDITATION could be the answer

how we do one thing is how we do everything

 ...devotion is the mother of mastery, and the only way througH.

when we are persistent, we create momentum and new habits are formed - but. it's through being consistent that we embody lasting change.

Taking small but deliberate action is the single most important thing you can do.

faith over fear

this journey journey is not linear.

you will not know all [or any] of the answers. 

you will be tested and once you pass one threshold - a new one awaits you.   

take comfort in knowing that the biggest breakthroughs happen in the messy bits. 

trust the process