how do you want to feel?

Sounds deceptively simply right? Don't be fooled. this question has the potential to change your life.

The Desire Map method flips goal setting on it's head,  Instead of chasing the dream, we examine why we want what we do and develop an intention practice that allows us to show up and lean in to the magic.

  in making soul-rooted declarations, your core desired feelings become a guidance system for daily decision-making.


calibration & clarity

a deep dive into the five key areas of our lives: Livelihood + lifestyle, body + wellness, creativity + learning, relationships + community, and essence + spirituality. 

  An exploration of gratitude as well as getting real about what's not working in each life area in order to see where in your life you experience a sense of alignment to purpose — and where you want more of it.


Desire as a Practice

from theory to practice, the end result is where desire meets action. We'll craft a monthly, weekly and daily plan to make sure our compass is pointing north.

How do I want to feel today?

what can i do to feel the way I want to feel?

now - go do that!

Curious yet?

I offer in-person and virtual group workshops. keep you eye out of the events page to find out when the next workshop or retreat is taking place.

i also offer a private Desire Map experience for those looking for a personalized 1:1 experience. Have a peek over here to see if this might feel like a good fit.

sometimes all we need is a spark!

this is the stuff that really lights me up — and i want to help you find, create and build the stuff that lights you up, too.

fire starter coaching sessions provides a unique 1:1 environment for you to show up, be seen & heard, take risks, and step into inspired action!

Available as a single 90 min session or a package series of 3

because momentum is everything.

interested in becoming a desire map facilitator?

if your vocation is to help people, help themselves - this is for you.

whether you are a yoga teacher, life/nutrition coach, or simply into inspiring people - working with the desire map will rock your world. 

i offer a sweet mentorship bonus that will help take your conscious biz to the next level. i share my top facilitation secrets and my marketing strategies that grew my business over 300% [taking it from studio to virtual in just one year] and now, touring all over north america hosting retreats and intensive workshops in collaboration with yoga journal and WANDERLUST.











>> a 60 minute zoon session ONCE you are ready to start planning your first event - including facilitation tips, lesson learned 

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>> recorded copy of my most recent 4-part workshop facilitation series [just for facilitators] where i break down the content and help you weave in other modalities such as yoga, meditation and life coaching - to make this a sustainable business and make it your own.

because authenticity is the only way. 

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free enrolment in my signature online program - the business of yoga -  designed for yoga teachers but just as applicable for all heart based entrepreneurs including health or lifestyle coaches, nutritionist and body worker of any kind.

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email support leading up to your first event. things can seem overwhelming during crunch time BUT i'll be there to support you along the way.

you can look forward to tangible advice, tactics and know how ... because I've been there.

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when you bundle the fire starter + the desire map facilitation programs together, you'll get all the bonuses above PLUS my own proven private coaching outline [including NLP coaching techniques] for successful new client intake.