Everything we create, starts with the spirit of intention

action without intention often falls flat.

intention without action usually leads to nothing.

they just go together.

queue: the desire map method

Free and Clear with Dani March

the prequel

free and clear is a 6-step process for sweet humans who are feeling foggy about what they “really” want.

It’s also for super-achievers who need to pause and re-sync their ambitions before moving to the next thing.

core desired feelings

instead of chasing all of the things, we use the desire map process to examine why we want what we do [across 5 distinct areas of life] and learn to develop an intention practice that becomes a guidance system for daily decision-making.

repeat as necessary - I recommend twice a year.


Dani March Review of 2019 Desire Map Planner

make plans

The Desire Map Planner is a practical [and stunning] tool for co-creating your day, week, month & year.

It’s a holistic system for designing a life and goals that reflects how you most want to feel.