Danielle March Featured in Yoga Journal, Wanderlust and Danielle Laporte
I’m Dani - I guide women seeking to feed their spirit [on and off the yoga mat]. I fiercely believe that the body knows before the mind does and that the soul comes before strategy.

 Intention collective

Everywhere we look, we see inspiration on how to live our best life.

There are plenty of incredible people out there, leading great lives, doing and making beautiful things.

THere is no shortage of books, courses, planners, workbooks, worksheets and workshops to help us be and do better.

the problem is that we resist change - Even when WE KNOW it’s the right thing for us.

Because, human nature.

breaking old habits is REALLY HARD WORK.

It all starts with a tender openness [I acknowledge you for being here] but ends with follow through. 

Looking back, my best years were fuelled by tea [and wine] dates, co-working and community. 

It’s why I created a space where we carve out time each month to go inward, reflect, meditate and make use of the tools we already have.

how it works:

we gather virtually* on the 1st sunday of each month for:

  • An honest point-in-time review of where we are [time for reflection and journalling as a collective]

  • AN exclusive guided meditation** [led LIVE by me] to help you crystallize your intention for the month 

  • A guided intention setting Session [think co-working] to journal and make plans

  • Sharing rituals that help you anchor your intentions and build momentum from month to month [no sales of anything, ever]

the collective doesn’t have a fancy name or logo. we don’t have a facebook group. there are no new processes to follow or methods to learn.

*Monthly gatherings are held via Zoom on the 1st Sunday of each month - You don't need to attend live but you can. A session audio will be provided within 48 hours.

**in addition to the live meditation, An exclusive guided meditation track [MP3] will be professionally produced each month and sent to you via email - yours to keep forever.