i'm just a regular gal, on a mission to give you tools that help you amplify this life. 


my story is simple


 i started to use essential oils in my everyday life: first aromatically & to replace toxic household cleaners.

next i began to use the oils topically as I simplified my skincare routine & to treat a variety of first aid conditions.

more recently, i have been ingesting the oils [always emulsified with honey first] by adding them to my water, when I'm on the go or travelling.

under the guidance of my own teachers and mentors, i've been authentically sharing the oils with my yoga students for years and i can no longer keep myself the physical and emotional effects EOs are having on our lives!

so today...

 i am ready to step into my role as a educator, and as your guide.



if you are just starting out on your essential oil journey you can purchase your Oils as a DOterra Wholesale Customer  with the option to build a business in the future if you wish.



if you are interested in ongoing education and the opportunity to be compensated for enrolling others, i welcome you to the oil life team where you will be mentored directly by me.