This experience is inspired by the Desire Map Method and includes:

  • an introductory 60 minute discovery session to identify roadblocks, explore what's working and get honest about what's not.

  • 4 x 45 mins (OR 2 x 90 Mins) skype sessions over the next 4 weeks to work through the content + shift your attention to how you can generate more of what you want.

  • Access to me between sessions (via email and text message) for extra support and inspiration.

  • a digital version of the worksheets and copy of the desire map audio book [mp3]

  • a personalized guided meditation [MP3] to incorporate your Core desired feelings into your daily life.


Total investment $649

given the intense nature of this work and the amount of personal attention I offer during our time together, I choose to work with a very limited number of clients at once.

please email me directly for availability