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Fire Starter Coaching Session

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I’m stoked you are thinking about investing in yourself and that you are considering of working one-on-one with me. Thanks for that; I am honoured.

This is the stuff that REALLY lights me up—and I want to help YOU find, create and build the stuff that lights you up, too. Private coaching provides a unique and personal environment in which to show up, be seen and heard, take risks, and tune into your own inner knowing.

On this single 90-minute session, we will follow the Fire Starter Coaching Method as the backdrop for our time together. We'll blend curiosity, introspection, deep inquiry, writing, and some intentional silence, to unearth and start to recognize the singular, brightest yes in your life—that innate power and wisdom that will shine a light on the open paths ahead of you.  

This is life-changing work (personal, professional, and spiritual) that holds firmly to this one truth: the only kind of success worth having is the success that is solidly, boldly, brightly lived on your own terms. Not everyone else's - YOURS. That’s where we begin, and where we end. It’s the place where you finally, really come alive.

NOTE: Sessions are conducted online via Zoom. Once you purchase this product, you'll be send a link to my online calendar as well as a welcome note with light some homework before our session.

Let's do this!