This year, I spent several months in reprise. I'd cut back teaching drop-in classes by half, I'd started working with fewer and fewer coaching clients, I neglected my own yoga practice and {i confess} subscribed Netflix. To be frank, I really wasn't sure just how long I'd been in the shadow and spent a large part of that time resisting {and dreading} having to get motivated again. The thought of going back to doing it all, felt heavy and overwhelming... It took every ounce of light I had left to ignite the spark that would get me back to my mat but when I eventually did, I realized I'd be just fine.

I think that as yoga teachers, we sometimes feel as though we are held to a different {and higher} standard. "Drink green smoothies, don't eat meat, don't strive, don't covet...etc." I am over-simplifying but let's agree that for the most part, we follow some {or most} of these standards, some {or most} of the time,  out of reverence and for NO OTHER REASON. We choose our causes. We always have.

So... while I was busy feeling shame for saying no {to things I usually say yes to} and indulging in a {new found} guilty pleasure, I had succumb to my own imagined expectations of what I should be doing instead. Isn't it true that our students don't care what we had for lunch or how much television we may watch in a given day? Isn't it true that they see us as real people, having a human experience? Isn't being real and vulnerable what attracts our tribe?

In that moment, I decided to let myself off the hook...Let go of my grip and surrender to expectations.

May your yoga practice remind you of why you started on this journey of inquiry and exploration. May the pause be a gentle and loving reminder that YOU get to choose your cause. And, that you always have.