A little over 5 years ago now, I started to be curious about meditation. At first [and for a long time] it was really hard to sit still, to silence the distractions [both physical and mental] and to let go of expectations. I would spend anywhere between 2 & 10 minutes before I eventually gave up trying to get quiet. For real - some days I would actually spend more time getting set up then I did actually meditating.

But then I realized, the way I felt when I was lighting the candle, pulling an oracle card, fluffing the cushions and wrapping myself in my favourite blanket was... exactly how I wanted to feel after meditation. I felt a sense of calm, ease, focus and devotion.

And...that's when meditation completely changed for me. Once I allowed the intention to meditate to be enough [candles and all], I was able to let go of the struggle. As time went on, I was able to build my meditation practice up to 20 minute sittings, daily. On some days, twice a day [truth].

One of main lessons that has revealed itself along my journey has been to release the struggle - to stay... and to keep coming back, no matter for how long.

I am very passionate about sharing the possibilities of meditation with you [and the world] - so I created something special to help you develop a meditation practice that works for you.

I recently launched my first meditation album, Still™ [my chest just expanded as I typed the words]!  This album was born from love [the wild, mad, insatiable kind]. It consists of 5 guided meditation tracks of varying lengths [60 minutes in total].  It's perfect for you if you feel a little lost when it comes to meditation, or struggle to find stillness and stay present.

I'd be honoured if you to have a LISTEN

It it my hope that this practice assists you in lifting any veil that may jade your perception.

With Deep Reverence,