I've come to know that nothing is REALLY as it seems. WE give labels meaning, when often these are perceptions of relativity [to each-other]: light and dark, good and bad, sweet and savory.

Similarly, in yoga we typically associate with the labels of yin and yang to describe styles of practice. While it's true that a movement can be slow and passive, in contrast to one that is fast and active, I've learned that ‪#‎yinyoga‬ is much more about the way we inhabit the shapes [or postures]. The question then becomes: What am I embodying in this moment? Softness or strength? A sense of grounding or buoyancy? Is my focus moving inward or outward?

Once I came to understand this concept, I knew that I could CHOOSE how I wanted to feel in my yoga practice... whether I was practicing ‪#‎VinyasaFlow‬, or #YinYoga, and anything in between.

Moral of the story is that YOU get to choose HOW you practice, regardless of the LABEL on the schedule heart emoticon

On that note come explore the yin aspects of your ‪#‎yoga‬ practice in the 2016 Yin YTT Weekend Intensive - we start on Feb 5!

Whether you're looking to explore your personal practice, to deepen your knowledge of the subtle body [chakra + meridian systems], or to expand your teaching toolbox - Yin has the power to transform you ‪#‎onthematoffthemat‬