Emotions are not stored up in the "cloud", nor are they stored up in your brain. They are contained within your physical body, in your connective tissues - and ready to surface at a moment’s notice.

In yin yoga we use the physical body, to energetically stimulate the meridians pathways, which are know in Traditional Chinese Medicine to correspond to major organs in the body.

It is believed there is correlation between particular emotional responses and specific areas of the body. For instance, fear is centered in the kidneys, anger in the liver, worry in the stomach, anxiety in the heart and grief in the lungs. Likewise, we are also beneficiaries of positive emotions: beauty resides is in the lungs; joy in the heart; creativity in the stomach; compassion in the liver; and wisdom in the kidneys.

In this years Yin Yoga Teacher Training, we explore these 12 superficial pathways and learn to identify, target and treat imbalances.

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