During a recent interview with Yoga Journal, the interviewer [Deanna] ask me for the foundation behind successful goal setting & how to break-through?

Here is what I told her...

The winter season [albeit mild so far] is upon us and this is a natural time for retreat and hibernation. The cold, dark days can lend themselves to physical stagnation, fatigue and decreased immunity. While it's true, this is an ideal time to go inward and reflect, it's also important to stay fluid and compassionate with yourself.

Try these writing prompts (inspired by Danielle Laporte’s #DesireMap) to help you get started in setting some soulful strategies from the heart:

1. What do I want 2016 to FEEL like? Whether you end up with one intention for the year of a handful or Core Desired Feelings (CDFs), the intent here is to get clear on the physical emotion you are trying in invite in. Challenge yourself to see beyond the words with “How does that feel in my body?” “Where in my body do I feel that?”

2. What’s not working - what am I willing to change? Declaring it is part terrifying and part liberating. Keep it simple. Don’t allow yourself to go down the road of shame, blame or excuses. Just name one or two things and move on. THIS is your sacred NO.

3. What’s working well - What do I want MORE of? This part is super powerful. Acknowledging the stuff you’re already doing and you already have [that fills you up] brings you into a place gratitude. It’s both a clue and the answer. THIS is your sacred YES.

Next, try these simple daily practices to keep you fluid, focused and more likely to follow through:

1. Wake up with your words. Write them down in your journal/planner. Repeat them silently as a mantra in meditation. Say them out-loud before you go to bed at night. The how is up to you but the the essence is to guide your attention to land on your intention, before you start your day.

2. Crowd out NO with YES. Have a go-to list of simple things you can do to generate your intention or CDFs. For me this looks like: light a candle, go to a yoga class, have a bath, lather myself up with coconut oil,  splurge on a green drink, donate well loved clothing items,  indulge in a face mask or read a chapter before bed. When you notice yourself drifting into a NO state, pick something from your list and DO IT.

3. Share your intention with your partner or a close friend. If you are serious about moving towards your desired state, this will keep you accountable. Not only will they be your number one cheerleader but they can also give you a loving nudge when you fall off track. Have them ask you questions like “ How does that make you feel?” and “Does that feel like a YES or… a NO?” “What would feel like a YES instead?”

And remember, you don't need a new year to start again.