I was recently interviewed by the founder of the Toronto Yoga Conference and tell my story not only got me thinking about HOW I came to yoga but also, WHY I stayed...

You may or may not know that teaching yoga is my side-hustle. In fact, I've spent the last 20 years in Corporate Marketing, working for Fortune 500 brands - a job that I love and have no intention of leaving.

You may or may not know that I dedicate most of my evenings [when I am not teaching yoga] to helping women entrepreneurs with conscious marketing because it's my real dharma. Honestly, it nourishes me more than anything else I do.

It's important that you know that I don't have it 'all together' and I know what it feels like to reach total exhaustion. To take on too much. To feel stuck in the shadow. And that the Desire Map changed everything for me.  

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