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there is no place more sacred than my yoga mat. 

join me from your own mat by downloading daily desire - a short, contemplative morning practice inspired by the desire map.

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how this came to be...

I fell into yoga by chance [though we both know this has more to do with fate than luck]. originally drawn in by the strong and graceful movements of vinyasa yoga, only later to fall in love with the stillness + meditative aspects of Yin yoga. i am so grateful for each sacred lesson that has revealed itself along my journey.


I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to study yoga with many great teachers including: sarah powers, bernie clark, tracey soghrati and Jp tamblyn-sabo. this tribute would not be complete without extending a deep bow to my very first teacher [and spirited seeker] Michelle, who continues to inspire and influence my teachings today. I feel a deep sense of reverence for her astute wisdom and loyal friendship.


as i continue to devote myself to the spiritual teachings of this sacred practice, i take great pride in serving as a role model and mentor in the global yoga community, where i teach workshops & host retreats and guide students on their own pilgrimage to becoming fulfilled teachers 


nothing brings me a greater sense of honour.

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Video 1: Sensations of Positivity
Video 2: Warming the Soul
Video 3: Twists & Relating
Video 4: Circling Your Desires 

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